Thursday, 8 November 2007

The Unbelievably Glamorous Life Of A Writer

Recently, a friend asked me what I did during the day when I was taking a break from writing. So I emailed her a list. She said, 'That's funny. You should put it on your blog.' The thing is, it wasn't even meant to be funny. It was just the truth. Anyway, here's the list. Judge for yourself

Things I do when I'm having a break from writing:
wash kitchen floor
make bread
surf the web
send emails to my two daughters (both of whom are easy to distract)
read new fiction
listen to music
watch endlessly recycled news on BBC 24
lie on the floor thinking about people who have hurt me in the past
lie on the floor thinking about big mistakes I have made in life
try to learn Italian
prepare evening meal
clean muddy gardening shoes
load/unload dishwasher
put on washing machine
put wet clothes on/take dry clothes off radiators
do half-hearted yoga positions
have a bath
file emails

Bet that makes you green with envy, huh?

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