Monday, 18 April 2011

Full Circle

I haven't written anything on my blog for ages. The reason is that I've been totally preoccupied. My younger daughter, Kathleen, her husband, Alex, and their one year old son, Theo, have been staying with us while they have work done on the new house they've just bought. So, I'm spending a lot of time with Theo, doing stuff like playing with building blocks, reading picture books, singing along to The Wheels On The Bus and visiting the park.

In addition, my other daughter, Emily, has just had a baby. It happened this morning at about twenty past five. I've just been to see him. Parking was a nightmare; the maternity ward was so hot I could hardly stay awake; and Emily looked desperately tired - it was a difficult labour with a few complications. But Noah knows nothing about any of that. He has red hair and clear blue eyes out of which he gazes solemnly and appraisingly at me.

Surprisingly enough, I'm managing to get a decent quota of writing done. In the last seven weeks I've written forty two thousand words which isn't bad at all considering that I have to work when Theo is asleep, or when someone else has taken him to the park. But I find my productivity has increased hugely. Whenever I do get a bit of time I write frantically, the words just pouring out of me without pause for thought as if I am transmitting something that someone else has already thought through.

It reminds me of what life was like when I wrote my first novel nearly thirty years ago. Then Emily was three years old and Kathleen one and I was working as a school teacher. I wrote in the evenings when they were both asleep and dreamed of a time when I could do nothing but write all day long. That time has come and gone, it seems.


Paul said...

Well, congratulations on all of the good family news. And I am awed by your productivity.

So far, no grandchildren in my life to boost my productivity. A man can hope, though.

Keren David said...

Congratulations Brian! On both the new grandson and the flow of words.

Brian Keaney said...

Thanks, Paul. Your awe may not be justified. It may be tripe.

Thanks Keren. (I'm half way through When I Was Joe at the moment but reading very slowly due to other priorities.)

Brian Keaney said...

Keren, I mean Almost True, of course.

Elin said...

Brian, that's delightful news. Congratulations to everyone in your family.
Your productivity is astounding but I've always thought that if you really want or need to do something you can make even the tiniest corner of time work. I wrote most when working full time in a record shop, on my knee out the back next to a picture of Kylie Minogue during my lunch hour. And mother always tells me, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

x :)

Brian Keaney said...

Thanks, Elin. It must have been Kylie that inspired you. Hope all is well.

Derek said...

Congratulations on the new arrival to the family and on your creative output. I find it's always easier to cut back so even if some of it is tripe (which I doubt), you might be able to turn it into a Dobrada! (And yes, I did have to look that one up.)

Brian Keaney said...

Thanks, Derek. I had to look it up too.