Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ysgol Jacob - First Welsh Talking Book

On Monday 28th March on the Glanfa Stage at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff the Welsh branch of the Royal National Institute for the Blind will launch the first ever Welsh language talking book. I'm happy to say that the title chosen is Ysgol Jacob, a translation of my novel Jacob’s Ladder.

I'm always pleased when a book of mine is translated into another language but I was delighted when Jacob's Ladder was rendered into Welsh because like the Welsh language movement itself, this is a book that concerns itself with identity and that's one of the main themes of my work.

As someone who grew up in London with Irish parents determined to maintain their ethnic identity and to pass on their pride in their heritage to their children I feel real solidarity with those people who are determined to see the Welsh language given the place in contemporary culture that it deserves.

Literature is something to which everyone should have access. That's why the cuts to library services that are taking place in parts of Britain at the moment make me feel so depressed. However, I'm cheered up greatly, and proud too, that through my book I am able to play a part in RNIB Cymru's initiative to increase access to those Welsh speakers who are visually impaired.


Elin said...

Newyddion ardderchog, Brian.

I will pass on the information to the people in Derby Welsh Learners' Circle. They read a book on Tuesday mornings. I shall make a recommendation and tell them all about you.


love Elin

Paul said...

This is really delightful news, Brian.

We're picking up the stray Farsi word around here since #2 Son is marrying an Iranian girl (next month!). Now I'm going to imagine two things. One, my novel gets published. Two, that it is translated into a spoken word Farsi novel.

Brian Keaney said...

Diolch yn fawr Elin

Brian Keaney said...

Thanks Paul. Congratulations on the impending event and fingers crossed for the other two!