Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Voice From The Other Side

An eighteen year old young man emailed me recently to say how much he enjoyed reading my Promises Of Dr Sigmundus trilogy. He said:

i dont usually read book as i play my guitar a lot and spend a lot of time on my xbox but i could'nt put the hollow people down when i'd started reading it and this made me have to get the follow ups. ..thanks to your writting ive started reading a lot more books now and am really enjoying using my imagination again. i just wanted to email you and say thank you for the fantastic books and for re ignighting my passion for reading.

As you can imagine I felt very pleased and a little proud and since his email came on the same day that I finished the First Draft of my latest novel and emailed it to my editor that made yesterday a Really Good Day.

Hearing from readers who have enuinely enjoyed your books is a thrilling experience. Your family are always going to be positive about your books. The marketing and publicity people cannot be otherwise since it’s their job to tell the world that your book is great. But when a perfect stranger decides on their own initiative that they liked your book so much they simply had to tell you, then you know you’re doing something right.


Derek said...

Well done! I think writers tend to live inside their heads to a greater extent, so knowing that you've not only reached someone on the outside but that your message has got across successfully, is a double cause for celebration.

Brian Keaney said...

Thanks, Derek. Good to hear from you

Anonymous said...
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Stroppy Author said...

That's great - it's lovely to hear positive feedback. I mostly get pedants from NZ telling me I have got something wrong. Oh, plus the latest weirdo telling me about his circumcision!