Friday, 29 May 2009

Most Pretentious Communication Of 2009

I received this email yesterday. The punctuation and capitalization is all theirs.

Radical thoughts for publishers and authors

Dear sir/madam,
radical thoughts provides a unique service aimed at publishing agents and authors in refining contemporary, fictional and non fictional literary scripts and/or books currently defined as works-in-progress.

radical thoughts represents a group of academic achievers with interests in all soft and hard sciences including classical English and historical literature, theological interpretation, paranormal investigation, artistic resolution and media marketing with a cumulative knowledge spanning thirty years of academic research

our business concept is to offer high end product and services to discerning customers who seek to attain a higher level of audience satisfaction through the application of simple and specific rules in problem solving and dynamic research enveloped within a literary framework governed by syntax, word clarity and formal/informal written structure

let our team of professionals focus on your work-in-progress projects with the aim of improving both visual and auditory perceptions of your intended audience

for additional information please reply to this email

My favourite part is the third paragraph, the one about word clarity.

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mythusmage said...

They made it quite clear they know nothing of clarity. Bet the author got As in freshman rhetoric. :)