Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Editing Standards UK v US

I've been published by 11 publishers in the UK (4 fiction, the rest non-fiction) and 2 in the US (both fiction). That's obviously not a representative sample so what I'm about to say is only my opinion. Nevertheless, judging from my limited experience one country's approach to editing is much tougher than the other's. One country accepts the occasional typographical error, one does not; one takes a rigorous approach to syntax and punctuation, one is relatively relaxed. Can you guess which is which?


Jarucia said...

I'm going to go with UK editors are harsher. This is based on the fact that I've found a good many typos in books printed stateside as of late.

HOWEVER, I think all editors become indulgent toward very popular authors and fail to guide them to trimmer novels.

Paul Lamb said...

I'm going to side with Jarucia. I do see a lot of typos in American books, and I've heard tell that American editors don't really do copy editing anymore.

Brian Keaney said...

Funnily enough, that's what everyone thinks but, in fact, it was the US editors who were the most thorough.